Mola Capital is an alternative investment firm headquartered in New York City. Mola Capital’s primary business is private equity with an impact investing arm focused in emerging markets. We are currently evaluating growth opportunities in sub Saharan Africa. Mola capital has footprints in most African regional economic hubs.

Our team has a wide array of specialized experience in traditional and alternative asset management from top investment banks and consulting firms in New York. Mola has the right mix of business and investment-portfolio management experience to deliver on behalf of our clients and investors. Our expertise, combined with our regional partners’ experience seeks to generate superior risk-adjusted return by identifying undervalued or under performing companies and unlocking its growth potential..

Our mission is to positively impact emerging economies through global investments while creating value.

We recognize the opportunities in the sub region and understand the essence of investing in projects geared towards development. Hence, through outstanding support and partnership with investors and institutions in the United States and around the world with common objectives, Mola Capital help serve as a catalyst for growth and development while leveraging opportunities in emerging markets.

Mola Capital’s vision is to be a leader in this frontier and a global investment powerhouse.

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