Impact Investing

We are an investment company and global citizens!
Mola Capital Partners are committed to investing in entrepreneurs and projects in Africa and in the US that transforms lives and to meet the pressing needs for better schools, safer streets, more job opportunities, improved public services, childhood education, clean technology, and financial services for the poor.

“Invest in efforts that not only provide a return on investment, but also target specific social needs.  We provide access to the attractive investments in the region while providing our investors the opportunity to positively impact lives and our climate.”
Co-founder, Managing Partner

We recognize the opportunities in the sub-Saharan as well as the need for infrastructure and development. Hence, through private equity funds from development finance institutions and international financial institutions in the United States and around the world with common interest towards this initiative, Mola Capital helps by serving as a catalyst for growth and development while leveraging opportunities in emerging markets.

Our 2016 initiatives and beyond include;
– Solar
– Housing and Schools
– Agri-business investing

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